PowerOn uses unique dielectric elastomer switch technology to produce customisable, soft and flexible switches, actuators and logic.

Around us sophisticated devices abound – and almost all are complex assemblies of rigid parts. The biological world, resulting from billions of years of evolution, is markedly different, being comprised of soft, flexible, structures, often around a rigid core. Dielectric Elastomers (DEs) begin to bridge the gap between engineered and biological domains.

DEs change dimensions when voltage is applied, leading to the term “artificial muscles”. This offers the tantalizing prospect of substituting complex, heavy, electromagnetic equipment with single-component DE devices.

Since DEs debuted in the 1990s elastomer materials and manufacturing processes have improved and working voltages have decreased. PowerOn’s proprietary Dielectric Elastomer Switch (DES) simplifies the controls for complex DE devices capable of motion with basic intelligence.

All PowerOn’s core components, and associated manufacturing processes, are through proof-of-concept and will soon be sampled to qualified customers. Manufacturing draws on commercial methods for contact and material inkjet printing. A specialized signal generator is also being offered to simplify customer validation of DE devices.

PowerOn’s core components are saleable individually, offering competitive advantages – especially size, weight and resistance to tough environmental conditions – compared to standard electromechanical and semiconductor devices. Early sales are being targeted for profitable revenues and market feedback on preferred configurations and ratings.

PowerOn is your partner for soft device solutions. Contact us: info@poweron.one


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