PowerON presents at Silicon Saxony Day

Our CEO, E.-F. Markus Henke, will be speaking at the 15th Silicon Saxony Day – about how our Smart Elastic Technology transforms robotics as we know them. Join us and register now!

The virtual conference on May 27 will feature top-notch keynotes, eight expert sessions and various networking possibilities. Topics range from IoT, DigitalTwins, AI, Robotics and ICDesign, RFID and TrustedElectronics to Materials and Technologies.

Learn more about the newest technology trends, exchange with peers during the whole day via the conference tool and find new business partners in Saxony and beyond!

Silicon Saxony is an industry association of nearly 300 companies in the microelectronics and related sectors in Saxony, Germany, with around 40,000 employees.

Come See PowerON at Hannover Fair Digital Edition 2021

Hannover Messe Digital Edition, the world’s leading trade fair for industry, is entirely online this year. PowerON is part of the futureSAX Start-up Corner, along with other innovative companies from the German Federal State of Saxony.

“We will showcase our recent progress, focussing on products available for sampling now and coming up later this year”, Katie Wilson, PowerON CTO said, “Hannover Messe is the best event to engage with customers for engineered devices, so we were pleased to get this early opportunity. We expect to learn a lot about new applications and use cases for PowerON products”, she concludes.

“With the Messe going online this year, I believe that has upside for customers and PowerON. Nobody likes queuing at crowded stands; this year’s Digital Edition lets you see booths you like, whenever you want. We have products being readied for launch, and a lot of enquiries, so the Hannover Digital Edition also makes efficient use of PowerON team’s time” Markus Henke, PowerON CEO says.

The online fair will take place from 12 to 16 April 2021, daily from 6:00am to 8:00pm CET. Access as well as an overview of the supporting programme is available to interested parties and trade fair visitors on the Hannover Messe website.

PowerON High-Voltage Signal Generator at EAP-in-Action (SPIE Smart Materials and Structures Conference)

This year’s EAP-in-Action session at SPIE Smart Materials and Structures Conference is an online-only event. “This is a good opportunity to showcase our High-Voltage Signal Generator – named HVSG – and let’s hope we’re back with in-person meetings next year”, said Katie Wilson, PowerON’s CTO. “We start HVSG deliveries soon once tests are complete” Markus Henke, PowerON’s CEO adds. 

“We used to spend money and time building high voltage amplifiers on in-house PCBs – when what we actually wanted was an accurate and dependable HV signal for the dielectric elastomer development programme we started back in 2008. So we built HVSG and now – after some years development – offer a solution for you, ready to use out of the box” Markus says.

HVSG is more than a simple power supply: it is a controller for running samples under test, demonstrators and experimental set ups that require high voltage, with 4 independent channels. Each output channel runs up to 4kV with DC, or rectangle, triangle, and sine waveforms up to 10Hz and down to fractional Hz.  

With the interactive touchscreen display and HVSG flexible operation, your experiment, demonstrator or product that requires high voltage will be quickly up and running. If you are working with dielectric elastomers, piezo electronics, electrostriction robotics and more HVSG is for you. 

Contact us at mail@poweron.one to secure your place in the HVSG production schedule.

HVSG demonstrator video as presented at the SPIE Smart Structures EAP in Action Session

PowerON’s CEO on the panel “Tech & Talent Tea Talks: AI & Robotics in Saxon Industry”, November 26th.

PowerON CEO, Dr. Markus Henke, will on November 26th be on the panel at a webinar about the AI and robotic industry in Saxony. Together with Maria Piechnick – Chief Product Officer of Wandelbots GmbH and  Christoph Biering – Head of AI at Wandelbots GmbH, he will offer insights into recent developments in robotics in Saxony and Germany. Robotics has gained so much momentum there that Saxony is commonly known in the media as “Robotic Valley”.

“Saxony’s ecosystem for robotics technologies meant Dresden was the right home for our German operations” said Dr. Henke. “I’m please to take part in the panel and share some of PowerON’s experience and progress since starting our GmbH two months ago.”

Dr. Henke also added: “At PowerON we are recruiting now as we start to build out our German and European team. Along with the colleagues from Wandelbots, I’ll be sharing insights on the technology and the skills needed to thrive in it as a working professional in our sector – a European industry sunrise success story.”

Meet Dr. Henke at the webinar by registering your attendance here.