PowerON, TDS GmbH and Fraunhofer IWU announce collaboration to develop future intelligent logistics products

PowerON, TDS GmbH and Fraunhofer IWU announce collaboration to develop future intelligent logistics products

We are thrilled to announce our product development collaboration with TDS GmbH and Fraunhofer IWU, within a ZIM development project. Our joint goal is the solution of some major problems in the field of general logistics.

Well distributed cargo is important in any vehicle for several reasons; two examples: Safety – bad distributed cargo can cause uncontrollable dynamics of, e.g., a trailer, leading to a high risk of accidents. Environmental impact – optimizing the distribution of cargo leads to a perfectly used cargo area without wasting space and energy for additional transportation. TDS, Fraunhofer IWU, and PowerON working towards a save way to support everybody who needs transport cargo.

The know-how of TDS regarding cargo transportation, the advanced manufacturing technologies of Fraunhofer IWU and the novel sensor technology of PowerON results in a synergy that allows for innovative solution, that will digitalize logistics.

“This is a major accelerator to an innovative product.”, Tom Stromberg project manager at TDS and the mastermind behind the new product, to be developed and continues: “We see a strong interest from our customers to digitalize logistic processes and to gather real-time data. Together with PowerON’s unique technology and Fraunhofer IWU’s capability of scaling production, we have gathered the right partners around the table, to deliver on our ambitious millstone plan, that is in front of us.”

For PowerON the project is a huge accelerator, to scale its production processes. “For us it does not really make a difference, how large our products are. It will always be about printing skins. This project is the perfect opportunity, to set up a larger scale production in our brand new facilities in Technologie Zentrum Dresden during 2024. We are looking forward to work on this amazing product together with the partners”, Markus Henke, CEO of PowerON comments. 

“For Fraunhofer, such projects are perfectly suited, to apply all our strengths, from applied research, over our experiences with production technologies and our product development skills.”, finds Marcus Knobloch from Fraunhofer IWU.

The project has a duration of 24 months and has just started. It is funded by Germany’s Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Klimaschutz (Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action), within the framework of a “ZIM project”. ZIM stands for “Zentrales Innovationsprogramm Mittelstand”, which means “Central Innovation Programme for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)”.